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Why Hire a Divorce Real Estate Expert

What is a Certified Divorce Real Estate Agent?

A Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRE™) is a REALTOR® who has passed a rigorous certification program taught by attorneys, mediators, certified mortgage professionals, real estate professionals, and judicial officers. As a crossover expert between real estate and family law, a CDRE™ is trained to prevent and resolve real estate disputes that may arise in family law cases. Attorneys and clients can rely on a CDRE™ to help resolve their cases.

The Importance of Neutrality

In a traditional real estate transaction involving a family, the sellers are typically one team united in their objective. When divorce is added into the mix, the sellers may not have the same end goal and may be on hostile terms. Communication is often extremely difficult. Since there are two sides to every story, neutrality becomes exceedingly important. A divorce-trained CDRE always listens to both sides, stays neutral, finds point of leverage, and creates a path to getting the house sold. This is a complex role that traditional real estate agents, lawyers, therapists, family, and friends simply are not trained to navigate.

CDRE™ vs. Traditional Realtor

In contrast to a traditional realtor with no training in the divorce process, as well as limited skills in dispute resolution and negotiation, a CDRE™ ensures that the house is sold expeditiously for the highest proceeds and with the least amount of collateral damage – all while delivering excellent communication throughout the transaction and effectively using of the legal process, where necessary. Specifically, a CDRE™ brings the following skillset and training to the table when dealing with divorce:
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Expert knowledge in real estate process, complexities, and contracts
  • Qualifies as a Court-Appointed Expert Rigorous accredited divorce real estate training program
  • Trained in divorce legal processes
  • Ability to testify as an expert with continuing divorce real estate education
  • Trained and effective in divorce real estate dispute resolution
  • Systematic process for attorney contact
  • Coordinates between attorney, court and order-enforcing entity (elisor or law enforcement) for execution of order
  • Will testify, write reports, and have systematic documentation of events to submit to the court with proper foundation and credible testimony

A Word from Rob St John, CDRE™

While I am always wishing everyone a happy home, I often see the challenging emotional and financial issues facing homeowners who are divorcing. As a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert™ in Kentucky, I am uniquely equipped to help guide and empower divorcing spouses with regard to real estate so that we can get their home sold with neutrality. 

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